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  • small businesses

    I love helping people bring their dreams to life. Small business owners have smaller budgets than Fortune 500 companies, but their vision for their brand isn't any smaller. Enter Crystal. logos & other branding

  • covers & posters

    I've designed eBook covers, full jackets, and sales materials for several authors. I've also done a full set of author branding for a team of bloggers. This is the really fun stuff. click here for covers

  • websites & blogs

    A good Google-friendly web presence is so important if you want to get noticed by people who have money. I have designed and managed websites/blogs of all sizes and all budgets. see all my different websites

Choose Something Good

Imagine a 17-year old high school senior as your client…. but one with a ton of ambition and a BIG idea… Elie’s BIG idea of connecting non-profits with high schoolers was enterprisey and lofty and I love these ideas. I love clients that present me with problems that I haven’t yet tackled. This time it was A QUIZ… a 20 question personality quiz for high-schoolers (or really anybody) that want/need to volunteer  but don’t know where to start. The quiz has 10 results that narrows in to help match you with a non-profit. In order to find the right plugin and coding I HAD TO DO MATH YA’LL…its been a while… lots of math and averaging and division… and I ROCKED it. So go Choose Something Good

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Plano Day School B&A

What can I say… Plano Day School knew they needed a facelift…. really bad. There were some twists and turns finding the initial hosting and domain passwords (sometimes that’s the hardest part)… but it all worked out in the end. Here’s a Before and After Website that proves I kinda know what I’m doing…kinda. I’ll be wrapping up this project with SEO and a WordPress manual this week. Oh and if you live in Plano Texas and are looking for phenomenal daycare for 18 months and up check out this one.
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