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  • small businesses

    I love helping people bring their dreams to life. Small business owners have smaller budgets than Fortune 500 companies, but their vision for their brand isn't any smaller. Enter Crystal. logos & other branding

  • covers & posters

    I've designed eBook covers, full jackets, and sales materials for Benjamin Wallace, an indie author and copywriter. I even got to work with Teren Mabry, a realist illustrator on 2 of his covers. click here for eBook covers

  • websites & blogs

    I have designed and managed development for websites/blogs of all sizes and all budgets. I've learned some Wordpress skills & now manage a few sites on Wordpress and Blogger. see all my different websites

Menguins and Penguins

So I have a new client, Menguin, and I’m super excited cause their business model is really smart like penguins and tuxedos smart.¬†They are revamping the way men and women are thinking about tuxes and streamlining the process so that renting a tuxedo isn’t a cumberbun-some (bad pun) process. It’s all online and bride-friendly. Read more