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  • small businesses

    I love helping people bring their dreams to life. Small business owners have smaller budgets than Fortune 500 companies, but their vision for their brand isn't any smaller. Enter Crystal. logos & other branding

  • covers & posters

    I've designed eBook covers, full jackets, and sales materials for several authors. I've also done a full set of author branding for a team of bloggers. This is the really fun stuff. click here for covers

  • websites & blogs

    A good Google-friendly web presence is so important if you want to get noticed by people who have money. I have designed and managed websites/blogs of all sizes and all budgets. see all my different websites

Doritos Russian Roulette

So this is pretty neat. When I worked at TMA I worked specifically on Frito Lay Innovation, we would create images that would go into testing. I really loved working on Cheetos and Doritos packaging because… well… they are more fun than the other chips in the portfolio. Ruffles and Fritos just didn’t have the same kind of potential, and I have stories about other brands and ideas that came across my desk that you just won’t EVER SEE on the market. Read more